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It’s about you, about Nigeria.

Nigeria Whizs is an online platform that gives you a voice to inspire, create and promote a National dialogue around topics that matter, inform and entertain in Nigeria. In today's world Internet is a huge resource of information and knowledge where one can find virtually anything. But, at times there are circumstances where you aren't able to decide or find answers to your queries. Your queries may require expertise answers or public opinion, And, that's where we have got your BACK..!!!

Nigeria Whizs is a very unique concept and platform that offers instant and relevant responses to your thoughts and queries. You can ask questions about any topic and WHIZs answers, opinions and advice from experts and various other people.

Many foreigners had wrong information about Nigeria, but here is the place to hear from the sources. We can also open your questions up to for broader discussion through comments and social media.

You can become a WHIZ or become a Contributor to submit relevant questions, there are badges for all stages.

You can also a start a discussion on a topic to get opinions of different people. Furthermore, this platform will help you take a survey or public poll to help you get out of many things you don't know about Nigeria and its people, visit Whiz.com.ng today.

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