Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

Welcome to Nigeria Whizs and thanks for taking the time to read our Terms and Conditions of Use. Nigeria Whizs is a real name service, in which your contributions will be attributed to you in the public domain.

If you are thinking of posting a question or answer on Nigeria Whizs, it is important that you read the following information:

1. Code of Conduct

We at Nigeria Whizs wish to create a friendly and safe environment for all our users and this code of conduct has been created with this in mind. While we welcome diverse opinions, your contributions to the site must comply with our rules of conduct:

It is against Nigeria Whiz’s rules to post any comment/post or answer that is abusive, hateful, racist, bigoted, sexist, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, defamatory, knowingly false, vulgar, obscene, pornographic or that in any way violates applicable laws, rules or regulation.

Any violation of these rules of conduct may result in the removal of a user’s posting, the revocation of their registration, and the banning of the registrant’s email address.

2. General Terms & Conditions

2.1 Nigeria Whizs is a real-name service in which your real name will be displayed on your contributions and your profile as well as many other places on the Nigeria Whizs website. Your real name will thus be available to everyone to view. Do not use the Nigeria Whizs service if you are not willing for your contributions and real name to be in the public domain.

2.2 Nigeria Whizs functions as a questions and answer exchange between members of the public through posting questions and submitting answers.

2.3 You can also post a link to your blog on Nigeria Whizs, providing that we approve of the content and images displayed therein.

2.4 When using the Nigeria Whizs Q&A service, please be aware that the answers provided are not necessarily correct, and that Nigeria Whizs are not responsible for any consequences resulting from your reliance on any Nigeria Whizs service. Nigeria Whizs Q&A should never be used as a substitute for seeking advice from a qualified professional.

2.5 By submitting a question to Nigeria Whizs, you acknowledge that Nigeria Whizs is not responsible for any answer or advice you receive or do not receive, and you furthermore agree not to hold Nigeria Whizs responsible for any loss, harm, injury or damage resulting or arising from your submission of a question or your use of or reliance upon any response thereto.

2.6 Nigeria Whizs is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, particularly that of children under 18 years of age. Please remember that the service is designed to appeal to a broad audience. Children under 13 should not be using Nigeria Whizs at all (in accordance with our terms of use), and older children should be supervised and given appropriate guidance in their use of our services. It is the responsibility of parents and legal guardians to determine whether any of the content and/or services are appropriate for their child.

2.7 Nigeria Whizs reserves the right to change the site terms & conditions at any time. Nigeria Whizs may also ban users and/or remove or modify contributions without notice and without giving a reason.

2.8 Nigeria Whizs will not tolerate the gaming or manipulation of systems for self- promotion, nor unfair point- or ratings-gathering. Users caught abusing Nigeria Whizs's proprietary systems will be removed without notice.

2.9 Nigeria Whizs welcomes robots that respect the rules, but reserves the right to take action against clients whose request patterns represent a denial of service (or which attempt a denial of service). This action includes, but is not limited to, banning offenders’ IP addresses and reporting offending IP addresses to their ISP.

3. Question Submissions

3.1 Upon submitting the "Ask a Question" form, the Site Editor will make a decision to either approve or reject your question, based on whether it offers the potential to provide useful information for others to respond to.

3.2 It is advised that your questions are written in good English and that they constitute an actual question with a question mark at the end, and which may provide an interesting response from other users.

3.3 Questions may relate to any topic of your choice, except for the following, which Nigeria Whizs does not allow under any circumstances: questions of a sexual, derogatory or racist nature; questions that contain swearing or inappropriate use of language; questions which appear violent or aggressive; questions which may offend or discourage users.

3.4 All questions which do not comply with the terms and conditions as set out in clause 2.2 will be removed immediately upon retrieval from our servers, and cannot be resurrected for any reason.

3.5 Persistent misuse of Nigeria Whizs by violating clause 2.2 will result in a ban which will block your IP address from accessing our server. We may also take legal action against persons who persist in breaking our rules and causing harm and inconvenience to both the site and its users.

4. Answers Submissions

4.1 Upon submitting the "Add an answer to the above question" form, your answer will be retrieved by the Site Editor and either approved or rejected; an approved answer will remain intact within the question area; a rejected answer will be fully deleted from the question area.

4.2 Submitted answers are assessed for quality and relevance, so it is therefore advisable to provide more than just a very brief answer to a question, and to include reasonably-detailed comments, as these help to improve users’ experience of the site.

4.3 Answers must relate to the question you are responding to. Nigeria Whizs does not allow the following under any circumstances: answers containing sexual, derogatory or racist wording; answers containing swearing or inappropriate use of language; answers which appear violent or aggressive; answers which may offend or discourage users.

4.4 Continued and persistent violation of the terms of clause 3.3 will result in a ban, and may lead to a legal case if such a ban is overridden by further misuse.

5. Site Submissions

5.1 Personal blog sites only.

5.2 Sites with the following content are NOT permitted:

Sites which were created just to get Google Ad clicks

Sites that sell products or services

Sites that use blogs as a marketing tools

Sites that teach you how to make money

Sites that blog about their businesses

Sites containing pop-ups

Sites that play music automatically

Sites containing ANY amount of nudity

Sites containing sexual material

Sites that contain profanity in their names

Sites containing evil, violent, or crude images

Sites with [any] +type+ //of\\ -=funky=- FoRmAtTiNg in their names

URLs to a referral program

RSS Feeds

Sites that promote the following types of material: hate, prejudice, slander, harassment, defamation, threats, fraudulent activity, distribution of viruses, warez/pirated software, copyright or trademark infringement, or any illegal activity.

5.3 Sites not in the English language

5.4 You must wait until your site drops off before you add it again

5.5 Nigeria Whizs reserves the right to reject any site, for any reason.

5.6 * The FIRST time you violate the rules, you will be banned. You will not be warned. You will not get a second chance. The rules are simple. Please follow them.

6. Copyright Information

6.1 Information on websites is available for anyone to view, but not necessarily to access, download and utilize. Users of websites may electronically copy or print portions of websites for their own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, re-publication, display or performance of the content on websites is generally prohibited.